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The convenience of getting fit at work is now here. Find out the advantages of fitness in the workplace. Have fun, release stress and be productive.

We are Sydney's leading corporate fitness organisation, ask us how we can help your workplace.



What We Offer

Improved health and fitness is a proven method to increase focus, concentration and productivity. In the increasingly demanding corporate world, with all its deadlines, pressures and stresses, the time needed to focus on your health is often the first to be neglected (if it ever existed). Urban Corporate Bootcamp Sydney offers those in the Sydney Corporate world a convenient avenue whereby fitness, health and team building and seamlessly integrated in to the corporate day. 

With the ability to set up classes in many locations around Sydney, Corporate fitness is only a click away. Get your workplace involved in a fun, challenging indoor/outdoor fitness program which will get proven results for your health and your work. Catering for all fitness levels and all over Sydney, there is no reason to put off fitness and fat burning goals to a "more convenient time". 

Speak to one of our trainers and work out a program and schedule which suits you and your Sydney corporate workplace.

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